Attendance Mediation


Attendance mediation responds to the challenges of truancy by bringing together parents and teachers to identify underlying issues and develop a collaborative plan to address these issues.  Emerging research confirms that good attendance is critical to academic success.  Students who are truant are more likely to drop out, become involved with the juvenile justice system, and become victims of crime. Moreover, patterns of truancy begin early and are highly predictive of future academic and social struggles.  


The Attendance Mediation Initiative aims to improve attendance by building communication between the family and school through mediation and is unique among existing truancy programs in the State of Maryland.  First, it is an early intervention initiative, responding to the increasing evidence that repeated chronic truancy begins during a child’s elementary years and that truancy during one academic year is highly predictive of future attendance problems. Second, the program also addresses chronic tardiness—another indicator of future truancy—which no other initiatives address.  During attendance mediations, the mediator works with families and school representatives to identify and address the complex factors that cause truancy for that particular child.  Families are often made aware of resources available to support them within the school and community.              


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