Child Access Mediation - Family Court Partnership

Issues of custody, visitation, access, and child rearing once a couple has broken up are consistently some of the most adversarial disputes society faces.  They also produce emotional trauma for the children involved as they either get caught up in the parents’ conflict, or are not able to see one parent.  In order to ensure access to justice for all Maryland families, CMM works with the Maryland Judiciary’s Division of Family Administration to ensure that low income families involved in contested custody disputes have access to high quality mediation services.  This allows parents who are in conflict to work collaboratively to develop plans for how they will parent their children.  CMM supports the development of partnerships between centers and their local family court, and provides advanced training and mentorship of volunteer mediators for the 11 jurisdictions in which the program is operational.  


Do you have a conflict with your child's other parent about a medical condition? Watch this video for more information. 


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