Reducing Recidivism: Re-Entry Mediation


Re-entry mediation responds to the well established need for individuals returning from incarceration to have positive relationships with family and friends in the community.  Through re-entry mediation, inmates have a chance to mediate with family members before release, to address conflicts and collaboratively plan for the transition to the community. 


Participation in re-entry mediation has a significant impact on the likelihood that an individual will be arrested post-release.  After controlling for key factors that may otherwise explain this finding (e.g., length of criminal career, gender, age, race, days since release), the predicted probability of arrest for those who participate in mediation is 21% vs. 31% for those who do not participate in mediation (the control group).  The number of sessions is also a significant factor – with each additional mediation session, the probability of arrest is reduced by an additional 6%. 


Re-entry mediation is available in most state prisons in Maryland and in 11 local detention centers.